Uganda has recorded three new cases of covid-19 taking the country’s totals to 88.

The country tested a total of 2484 samples on Saturday and found three men positive, all who had a recent history of travel and all of three different nationalities.

Another Kenyan truck driver has tested positive as well as his Burundian counterpart who both used the same border of Malaba but are yet to be out under quarantine.

The truck drivers accessed Uganda through Malaba. PHOTO/COURTESY

“3 new COVID-19 cases confirmed ‬today. 2 out of 1,922 samples of truck drivers: 1 Kenyan and 1 Burundian who arrived via Malaba. Efforts to track them are underway,” the Ministry of Health said.

The Ugandan who returned from Tanzania was found to be positive but is yet to be out under isoltsion as the Ministry of Health prepares to evacuate him to avoid more local infections.

“A 22 year old Ugandan male from Rakai District, who entered Uganda from Bukoba, Tanzania via a porous border. He was a mechanic in Tanzania. He is currently staying at home with his parents and efforts to evacuate him to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital and quarantine his parents are underway,” says the Ministry.

Uganda’s Minister of Health Ruth Jane Aceng (C) during a covid-19 update. PHOTO/COURTESY

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