Rice farmers in Nyatike, Migori county are experiencing losses of millions, after their 300 acres of rice paddy, have been swept away by the ongoing floods in various parts of the country.
It is estimated rice worthy sh. 5 million has been destroyed in Lower Guja as farmers expect to go through hard times.
As the Kenya Meteorological department predicts another festive rainy season up in many parts of the country, people countrywide are experiencing hard times as others have been left homeless, their property damaged and even others losing their lives.
Samuel Mola, who is a rice farmer in Migori is now calling upon the state to act swiftly and compensate them, as many of their homes and property has been destroyed.
During a brief with media, the government spokesperson Col Rtd Cyrus Oguna, assured the affected people that the disaster management department has set aside more than sh. 2 million to compensate and build up news homes those people.
Reports indicates more than 140 people have loosed their lives, thousands left homeless with West Pokot and counties in Ukambani being among those affected mostly.
Infrastructure among them roads and bridges are among properties that have been destroyed.
Occurrence of these emergencies has shown how the state isn’t prepared to tackle unforeseen disasters. Landslides in West Pokot county took many lives with residents saying, some would have been saved, was it not the delay by the rescue teams.

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