Gospel musician Chris Embarambamba ‘Msanii’ alias ‘Bendi This Way’ is not a new subscriber in the quarters of controversy.

But the man who thrives in theatrics and crazy stunts has had more than enough in the last 24 hours at least, after a suggestive dance video of his performance in a club along Thika Superhighway leaked.

‘The Man of God’ has received backlash probably more than his recently found fame, with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua promising consequences for his actions.

“Embarambamba. . .that’s gross You have crossed the line!” the moral cop said in a tweet.

Embarambamba has come out to defend himself with no success.

“Kenyans have judged me. Kenyans have abused me. My fans are angry. Some say am Satan am not saved. But something I want to tell Kenyans, before commenting on the video, look at the statement of the song. The song says, you have embraced ills of society and forgotten God,” he tried to justify himself in a video recording.

But let me be the devil’s advocate.

We are all out here bashing Embarambamba for pulling another one in the CBD.

Embarambamba was in a club reveling (forget the gospel tag that he walks around with), and it is in clubs where such things happen.

Let us not pretend. He is doing what the script dictates. You are in Rome, do what the natives do.

In my awkward submission, as you may term it, Embarambamba has no mistake whatsoever.

If anybody should be apprehended, it is the person who recorded him unknowingly and shared the video with places that are not clubs, it was tailored for clubs.

Sasa achaneni na Chris Embarambamba ‘Msanii’ instead ‘Bendi Thisi Wei’.

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