Salut! Welcome on board ladies and gentlemen! Today am here to open your eyes to another part of this country and to help you create a bucket list of places to visit once this pandemic is over.I know by now, travelling is getting to be fun as you join me for these trips.

It’s sad that we have to pack our bags and leave the amazing Che’s Bay, the home of ethereal sunsets and cool breeze, and now head to our next amazing destination. This next place is known as an epitome of beauty, haven of tourism and it is majorly known for its great wildlife, beautiful hills and gorgeous women…. Yes, the Wakeshos, Waudas, Shighadis… The great Taita Taveta County! So you can guess what we are going to be up for dear ones.

An aerial view of Taita Taveta county where we will be touring today. PHOTO/COURTESY

On this trip, we will be traversing across the breath-taking Taita Hills then get to experience some of the great hotels in the area and we will also be privileged to see some of the great flora and fauna that this great county harbors. This an experience you don’t want to miss out on! It’s packing time; we need our hiking gear: a t-shirt and loose fitting jeans would do and some comfortable sneakers, a change of clothes for the days we will be there (try balancing both light and warm clothing because of the weather changes in the area) and a swimsuit. Bring along your camera too.

The Taita Hills are mountain ranges that consist of: Dawida, Sagalla and Kasigau near the border of Tanzania. On our trip, we are going to hike Sagalla hill which is on the southern part of Voi Township. Sagalla hill is quite steep and it consists of large rocks and a little bit of a dense forest and holds secrets of the amazing culture of the Sagalla people.

A photo of Sagalla Hill in Taita Taveta County. PHOTO/KENYAN BREAKING

Here on the hill, you also find the Sagalla village where the Sagalla people are very friendly. You who loves diversity of culture, this is your chance to experience the great Sagalla culture. Here we got to  learn the Taita greetings like” Kwawuka Mana” meaning good morning, “Kwasinda mana” meaning how are you doing and “Chawucha” meaning thank you. In addition, we tried out the Taita indigenous meal known as “Kimanga” which is a mixture of mashed sweet potatoes/cassava, arrowroots and beans.

Kimanga, a Taita indigenous meal made of mashed sweet potatoes/cassava, arrowroots and beans. PHOTO/NASUBO IMELDA

Due to the sweltering heat on the hill during some months of the year, it is important to carry a lot of water during the hike to avoid dehydration. Carry something to bite too.

Yours truly, Nasubo Imelda, Pigeon Voyage, Njiwa Mtembezi, is all but armed for the occasion and indeed, atawezena.

Yours truly at the foot of Sagalla Hill. PHOTO/COURTESY

Taita Taveta is also home to some of the great hotels in the country and indeed one can be spoilt for choice. But you are lucky since Yours Truly is here to help you settle for a place that will allow you experience the goodness of Taita in its totality.

Voi Wildlife Lodge is not only the place for exotic meals and beautiful rooms, but also home for some of the animals in this county. Here, as you experience great hospitality, you also get to see wildlife at the same time. The hotel has a waterhole where the animals come to quench their thirst when it becomes too hot. Now this is where your camera comes in handy.

An elephant at the water hole at Voi Wildlife Lodge. PHOTO/COURTESY

The lodge has a peaceful, serene environment that lulls you to sleep and enables you to relax after a long day of activities. The hotel members are also very endearing and always ready to lend a hand whenever you require one. So, Yours Truly just requests you to save up as much as you can for this trip so that you won’t feel the strain at all in terms of costs.

This is not to say there are no other good hotels; we have the Taita Rocks Hotel in Wundanyi, Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge in Tsavo West National Park and Sagalla Lodge in Sagalla and many more.

A compilation of images from the Voi Wildlife Lodge. PHOTO/NASUBO IMELDA

I don’t want to forget about the endowed Taveta side. Taveta boasts of the great Lake Chala found at the border of Kenya and Tanzania, which changes color depending on the sky and where you are observing it from.

A beautiful view of Lake Chala in Taita Taveta county. PHOTO/KENYAN BREAKING

Also, Mt Kilimanjaro can be viewed from Taveta very early in the morning or in the evening before sunset.

Africa’s tallest mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen from Taita Taveta county. PHOTO/NASUBO IMELDA

With all this goodness, are you sure you still want to stay where you are? Now this is the point where I charge you to go forth and discover the hidden gems in Taita Land.

Do not hold back since each moment is going to be worth the penny. See you soon.

-The writer is widely travelled and is well versed on all that constitutes Taita Taveta

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