It is sickening that we have an ambassador seated in China as terror is unleashed on our siblings.

It is even more dispiriting to learn that instead of heading home after being at the helm of an otherwise evil and moribund Salaries and Remuneration Commission for six years, our ‘able’ president who is now a pale shadow of the once ‘darling’ of a good chunk of Kenyans, handpicked Sarah Jepkemboi Chumo Serem for the post that many know she knows nothing about.

How Sarah Serem tamed high appetite for fat pay - Daily Nation
Kenya’s ambassador to China Sarah Serem. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mind you the youth, with your first class honour in international relations is unemployed often popping up in my inbox requesting me to subscribe to your YouTube channel, which I do because we are in this struggle together.

You have no otherwise, the Sociology and Political Science graduate is fitter, smarter and ‘younger’ than you. Yes younger. Didn’t you hear a 65-year old Esther Murugi shamelessly tell Parliament that she was fitter than 30-year olds? Not because, we are weak in nature, no, but because we are starved to the core.

Fury after Uhuru's NLC nominee Esther Murugi reveals she's worth ...
National Lands Commission nominee Esther Murugi during vetting in parliament. PHOTO/COURTESY

Serem who barely knows any Chinese is in China representing Kenyans. She admits that the ongoing persecution of and filth pelted at Kenyans is regrettable yes, but according to the same government she serves, nothing of the sort is happening; China is merely implementing social distancing.

Kenyans in China still crying for help
Kenyans in China are subjected to inhumane treatment. PHOTO/COURTESY

If yes, is she also on the streets? Sleeping in the cold? When she popped up in the cameras a few months ago, playing some PR that she had canceled her leave to travel back to Beijing for the sake of Kenyans you all thought she was five star, I guess she is another star….a different one. The level of ineptness in this government is appalling.

Kenya receives another consignment of medical supplies from China
Kenya receives a contingent of medical supplies donations from China. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Samia people of Busia Kenya have one saying; that he who feeds you, beats up your mother while you are helplessly seated and watching. The regime sold us to China, on that we cannot argue. We are sold. What now we must just bargain is how much is our selling price? Let us have a dignified price. But even as we do that remember we are an overseas province of China and he that pays the piper, calls the tune.

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