Missouri cops are under investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), after an amateur phone video recording exposed three-white officers allowing a police dog to bite a black man repeatedly.

According to Woodson Terrace Police Chief Randy Halstead, they are already looking into the matter with investigations underway.

Reports indicate that officers were alerted on Monday morning concerning a man who allegedly broke into a business in Woodson Terrace, under drug influence, read a Facebook post from the police.

However, police say that the man was warned that dog was to be used if by any chance he resisted arrest but an amateur phone video recorded at the scene show the police officer allowing the dog bite the accused for 30-seconds before restraining the dog from the feat.

Following the incident, the man was taken to hospital for treatment before being released without any charges being placed on him.

Activists were spotted outside Woodson Terrace Police Department on Friday, demanding an immediate action to be taken against the officers, saying they violated the rule of law.

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