A 45-year-old Russian woman is facing a bizarre battle in the corridors of justice after killing her boyfriend with her massive buttocks.

Tatyana O. who weighs 224 pounds sat on her boyfriend’s face in a dispute that erupted while the couple took some booze, and refused to let Aidar go, despite endlessly begging for forgiveness, East2West reports.

Tatyana's husband Aidar was killed after she allegedly suffocated him with her buttocks
45-year-old Tatyana O. with her late boyfriend Aidar whom she is accused of killing. PHOTO/COURTESY

Aidar’s daughter saw his father’s pinned on the bed face down and ran to seek help from neighbours and the female neighbor who came to the rescue left on learning that the two were in a domestic dispute.

The accused “strangled boyfriend to death with her buttocks after drinking too much alcohol,” East2West quotes a local media report.

Aidar who is said to have been strangled to death by the girlfriend with her buttocks after drinking too much alcohol. PHOTO/COURTESY

The boyfriend was pronounced dead at the scene as Tatyana claiming that she wanted to “calm him down” after too much drinking.

At a first trial, the court was told she had no intention to kill him the murder charge was dropped consequently convicted of causing death by negligence.

The 45-year-old was sentenced to 18 months of corrective labour and fined around £2,000 in “moral damages”, East2West reports.

Tatyana O. is reported to have been angry “after drinking heavily.” PHOTO/COURTESY

In a new twist of events, the investigative committee is lining up new charges against Tatyana- murder.

She is reported to have been angry “after drinking heavily.”

This occurred in the Russian city of Novokuznetsk.

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