Deputy President William Ruto now wants those behind the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) amendment proposal to apologize to Kenyans.

The second in command argues that the BBI reggae sabotaged the Big Four agenda which was President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second term plan.

“Those who pushed BBI on us, we demand an apology from them. We demand an apology from them because they sabotaged the Big Four plan that was supposed to create jobs, millions of jobs for ordinary people. That was supposed to create a universal health coverage framework that would benefit millions of women, children and old people,” the former Eldoret North MP said when he hosted a group of spiritual leaders from various churches and mosques drawn from Makueni County in his Karen home on Thursday.

According to Ruto, BBI had no lifeline terming it the biggest fraud and most dangerous assignment ever undertaken in the Kenyan political arena.

The DP opines that some of the proposals contained in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) document could be implemented without Constitutional amendments.

“Let me say this categorically. There was no way BBI was going to pass. Because it was the biggest fraud and the most dangerous assignment ever undertaken that would have destroyed the constitution and imposed on the people of Kenya a president, aah actually an imperial president. That is the least the people want for a President. The people of Kenya want a servant leader,” he added.

During his swearing in for his second term on November 18, 2017, President Kenyatta rolled out the Big Four agenda which constituted affordable housing, food security, universal healthcare system and manufacturing; a blueprint that has never and shows no signs of materializing with his deputy now blaming the Building Bridges Initiative.

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