Bedridden city Deejay Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve is mourning the death of his mother which occurred on Wednesday evening.

According to reports, Mary Hinga collapsed at her home in Lucky Summer Estate in Nairobi and passed on while being rushed to hospital in what is another blow to DJ Evolve who hopes to recover after his shooting incident in 2019 that damaged his spine and completely immobilized him.

BREAKING: DJ Evolves Mother Dies
Mary Hinga and her son Felix Orinda popular as DJ Evolve. PHOTO/COURTESY

Her husband John Orianda has confirmed the death but did not give details on what could have led to her demise.

Mary who dies aged 54 has been nursing (including movement, eating and washing) her son Evolve who was allegedly shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on January 17, 2019 at Nairobi’s B-Club.

“Since January 17, everything stopped on my side because I couldn’t do anything and my child is in this condition,” the late told the press in an interview in 2020.

The Embakasi legislator however claimed that the shooting was a protective measure as he had been surrounded by a group of people leading to fear over his life and consequently unleashing the firearm.

Babu Owino breaks silence on Ksh.7M DJ Evolve hospital bill -
Embakasi MP Babu Owino (L) and Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve (R). PHOTO/COURTESY

The case is however still in court as DJ Evolve continues to battle for a return to normalcy as was before the fateful night.

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