The internet was on Thursday afternoon thrown into a frenzy by class room pictures of President Uhuru Kenyatta shared by State House Kenya.

President Kenyatta and United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson undertook a joint virtual visit to Kenyan and British schools ahead of Kenya and the UK co-chairing the Global Education in July.

The head of state toured Westlands Primary School in Nairobi where he held a virtual meeting with Johnson and netizens could not resist the urge to voice their opinions on Kenyatta’s move to experience the classroom and interact with the pupils.

The virtual event brought together students from Westlands Primary school and Cleves Cross Primary School in Durham, England.

The commander-in-chief commended the enrollment of Competence Based Curriculum noting that it is among the many initiatives in place to to champion the education for all agenda.

“As a government, we have rolled out of the Competency-Based Curriculum at the early years of education, improved enrollment of boys and girls in primary and secondary education. Achieved 100% transition of learners from primary to secondary school, among other key issues,” President Kenyatta said.

Below are some reactions from a section of netizens.

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