The tough 12 days that would be hard to forget in the mind of one Dr. Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad, began on September 8th when the director of the Horn of Africa Center for Security was abducted.

Dr Abdisamad, in a special interview with Sunday Standard,  opened up on full details of how he went missing and his consequent release by the kidnappers.

The incident which happened at full glare of the public happened when Dr Abdisamad was walking on the red cobblestone pavement of Tubman Road next to the City Market.

Abdisamad poster to the public when he went missing on 8th September Photo/Courtesy
Only God has saved me, my reunion with my family is a testament to the fact that whatever evil-doers try to do to you the Almighty Allah is the ultimate giver and taker of life” Abdisamad told The Sunday Standard reporter.

According to Abdisamad, after being taken from the streets, he was dumbed in a tiny room and subjected to a series of questions as the kidnappers sought to understand much about his private life and political stand.

Abdisamad’s kidnaping is said to be as a result of his critical views on Somalia’s opposition groups and on Ethiopia’s rebel group Tigray People’s Liberation Front which his friends had warned him that it could cost his life.

The disappearance of the former security expert elicited mixed reactions with the family led by His wife, Halima Mohammed, accusing a top government official in Mogadishu of being behind her husband’s abduction.

The interview further disclosed how Ethiopia and Somali government top officials orchestrated the plan to eliminate Abdisamad. The plan is said to have been planned since April, 2021.

Aside from daily questioning, Abdisamad recalled that he was fed three meals a day and had a doctor who attended to his injured knee which he sustained in a scuffle with the abductors during his kidnaping.

On the day of his release, Abdisamad was whisked away from the room , hood on his face and dropped at a dark place where he was given ksh 2000 to help him reach his home.



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