Newly appointed Teacher Service Commissioner TSC, chairperson Dr Jamleck Muturi has promised to implement the teachers Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that was signed between TSC and the teachers Union in 2017.
Dr Jamleck Muturi was gazetted as the new TSC boss following his appointment by president Uhuru Kenyatta in March to replace Lydia Nzomo whose six year term ended in November 2020.
Muturi together with Timon Oyucho who was appointed as the member of TSC will ascend to the helm following their successful parliamentary vetting by the Parliamentary Education committee.
During his vetting, Muturi promised to improve the quality of education by starting a process to retrain teachers. In addition, he said he will find ways of motivating teachers for them to deliver their services well.
Prior to his appointment, Timon Oyucho was the TSC lawyer and had led cases against the teachers union KNUT. Muturi will serve for a period of six years which is the constitutional term.

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