Kenya Railways has dismissed reports that one of its trains derailed on Friday, September 24, morning causing traffic congestion along Mbagathi way.

The news of derailed train were relayed by the National Police Service (NPS) who had officers on the ground working to ease the situation the traffic situation.

The corporation however rubbished the reports linking it to the traffic snarl-up.

“Kenya Railways wishes to clarify that contrary to reports circulating on social media, none of our trains have derailed or caused any traffic snarl ups within Nairobi,” reads a tweet from Kenya Railways.


National Police Service received a communication of traffic snarl up and advised motorists to use alternative routes and take caution the same.

However, in line with the current update, they have since released a clarification of the situation.

“Reference is made to our earlier communication that a train had derailed along the Mbagathi Way causing obstruction. The Commandant Railways Police wishes to confirm it was not a train, but a truck,” the service said on their Twitter account.


The report further stated that the truck causing the traffic congestion had since been removed from the road.

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