Deputy President William Ruto thanked the heavens following a decision by the Milimani High court to declare the BBI constitutional amendment bill null and void.
“There is a God in Heaven who Loves Kenya Immeasurably, My GODs name be praised forever,” wrote the DP on his personal Twitter handle a few minutes after court ruling.

The 5 hour judgement by The High Court bench of Justice Teresia Matheka, Joel Ngugi, George Odunga, Jairus Ngaah, and Chacha Mwita. on Thursday, May 13 ruled that the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 is unconstitutional due to a number of illegalities within the bill and the entire process that came up with the bill.

“The steering committee on the BBI was a brainchild of the President, it has no locus standi in promoting constitutional changes as indicated in Article 257 of the constitution, “Judge Ngaah stated.

Joined in celebrating the win is former Justice and legal affairs Minister Martha Karua who hailed the spirit of constitutionalism and rule of law.

Econmist David Ndii was not left behind the Bandwagon of joy as he thanked all the legal personel behind the victory.
“This is an appreciation tweet for the people who have walked with us to this historic ruling on HC Petition E282 of 2020 and consolidated petitions.” States Ndii.

The judges voiced their closing statements after the ruling with Justice Chacha Mwita noting that for failing integrity test, president who Uhuru Kenyatta risked being sued in a court of law.

“It is also quite clear that what was presented as a popular initiative to amend the constitution is, in reality, the President’s initiative which is contrary to Article 257 of the constitution, and for this, criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the President during his tenure as far as legal proceedings are concerned” Judge Mwita noted.

According to law experts, the victory may be short lived for the anti-BBI bridgade as the ruling could be challenged in the court of Appeal.

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