A Month after Taliban took charge in Afghanistan, rules have been trickling in day by day, recent one being a warning to the barbers in Helmand province to down tools in shaving beards saying it breaks the Islamic law.

According to reports barbers in Kabul have also been warned against shaving beards, a feat that might lead to heavy punishment by the Taliban religious police.

Taliban officers in a notice displayed on salons in Helmand province opine that Sharia law which governs Hairstyles must be abided by all hairdressers.

“We have been told that no one has a right to complain, in fact The Taliban’s are ordering us to stop trimming beards, One of them in fact told me they will send undercover inspectors to arrest us,” Barber in Kabul said.

According to another Hairdresser, they have recently received calls by the so called “government officials” warning them against sticking to the American way of shaving including shaving and trimming of beards.

It is a move that was first witnessed during Talibans debut reign from 1996-2001 that forcefully insisted that men should grow their beard, a move that faded away, afghan Men embracing shaving and trimming beards in a fashionable way.

The Talibans have since inflicted heavy rules since taking over last month, punishing those who veer off the set rules.

Following threats from the Taliban’s, some hairdressers have plotted to down their tools saying that most of them had their specialty geared towards giving youths a trendy look.

   “For years my salon business was targeting young people to shave in a feat to put-up a trendy look, so now there is no point of me opening my shop anymore, this was my hustle for the past 15 years and I don’t think I can continue,” A barber opined.

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