Pope Francis was forced to slap a woman’s hand to free himself in St. Peter’s Square of Vatican City on Tuesday.

The Roman Catholic Church top man was happily greeting children and pilgrims while making his way to the Nativity scene at the center of Vatican City when the woman grabbed his hand.

The video by The Guardian shows the woman yanking the Pope towards her as he walked away from the crowd, much to his upset.

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Pope Francis shares a light moment as he walks with former US president Barrack Obama. PHOTO/COURTESY

In an attempt to free himself, Pope Francis began slapping the woman’s hand and briefly shouted at her.

In the build-up to the uncommon incident, the woman had made a sign of the cross, addressing the Pope as the 83-year old shook his head although it remains unclear what she was trying to tell him.

Below is the video, filmed by The Guardian.

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