Just days after Otile Brown releasing “The Way You Are” hit song, his fans has since concluded that the Kenyan music sensation has taken a swipe on his well equipped ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika months after the two parted ways unceremoniously.

Kenyan RnB Singer Otile Brown. PHOTO/COURTESY

“The Way You Are” hit maker hints in the song lyrics that he loves tiny ladies with small breast, arguing that when “Pekejeng” on bed does not seem quite good they can as well do each other against the wall.

Mmmh! Hio figa yako nyembamba Ladha ya uchumba Tukichoshwa kitanda Anipa hadi kwa ukuta

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Otile Brown (R) with his ex-fiancee curvaceous Vera Sidika whom now fans believe the lastest track by the singer is a dig aimed at her. PHOTO/COURTESY

Notwithstanding, the negative expose that Vera Sidika channeled out about Otile being off-grid bed wise, the singer seemed to give a towering clap-back suggesting otherwise.

The singer hints that his Pekejeng game his on another level, saying in his new song that when they are in bed with his tiny bae the the neighbor has to complain.

“Huwa nambeba kama mtoto Mwepesi ka pamba Zile bingiri bingi za chumbani, Jirani alalama

Image result for the way you are OTILE BROWN
In the song ‘The Way You Are’ Otile alleges to be a man of small-sized women. PHOTO/COURTESY

Speaking recently during an interview on Tanzanian based radio station Wasafi FM, the  singer disclosed that Queen Vee seduced him into the relationship, saying that he did not have feelings for her.

Otile Brown’s fans views on YouTube.

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