The prime suspect in the gruesome murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has revealed that he broke up with his fiancee Jacque Maribe.

Speaking on Jalango TV on Thursday afternoon, Jowie disclosed that the two had parted ways while in he was in remand.

“I decided not to. As in we broke up while I was still inside. We don’t talk, maybe checkup, once in a blue moon. Being content is the best thing. For me, nothing moved. I always yap to my family, I know you can leave me, anything can happen. But there is that one that will never leave me, God,” Jowie answered in an interview with Jalang’o.

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie (L) in an interview with comedian Felix Odiwuor popular as Jalang’o of Jalango TV. SCREENGRAB/JALANG’O TV

As required by the provisons of his bail terms, Jowie shied away from discussing the conditions surrounding the death of Monica Kimani.

He however asked Kenyans to support Maribe’s new venture, which is an online show after she parted ways with Citizen TV.

“I have seen it (Jacque’s show). Subscribe to her channel. Support her. Subscribe to my YouTube channel too and other social media platforms, but on Twitter am silent because I left it for you,” he urged fans.

Irungu and Maribe we a thing, Irungu proposing to his then fiancée in public just months before the murder case struck, bringing their relationship to an untimely end.

Jacque Maribe Keeps One Photo of Jowie Irungu after Clearing Instagram
Jowie publicly proposed to Ms Maribe just months before tragedy struck. PHOTO/COURTESY

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