A research done recently has handed humorous men something to beam about after an orchestra of ladies revealed they are more fascinated to chaps with irresistible sense of wittiness.

A lady laughing after a witty joke hit her. Photo/Courtesy

If you’ve got a date lined up in the near future, you might want to work on your witticisms in advance in a feat to bolster your chances of winning her heart.

Fresh study from the US submits that the more effort a man makes to be witty whilst getting more and more laughs from the reverse sex the better the odds of romance in the long term.

Happy Moments. Photo/Courtesy

The research further pinpointed that when both partners are able to laugh together the date has a better odd of leading into a serious relationship which might as well chief to marriage.

It’s a heartening thought for those whose sense of wittiness might be more alluring than their physical looks.

Happy Moments. Photo/Courtesy

“If you meet someone who you can laugh with, it might mean your future relationship is going to be fun and filled with good cheer,” explained lead researcher Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas in a recent interview.


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