3- Bedroom Bully

Controversial Tanzanian socialite Amber Rutty has gone on an embarrassment spree against her ex-boyfriend Said Mtopari alias Deville.

Amber Ruty (R) and her Ex-husband Said Mtopari (L) Photo/Courtesy

The singer sensationally claimed that the young lad is nothing more than just copulation addict. Speaking in a interview with Mbengo Tv, the lady categorically stated she ditched Mtopari because she was a bedroom bully.

According to the socialite, the ex-hubby could not talk to her about anything that could improve their lives.

2- For Adana

TV host Willis Raburu and wife Marya Prude have made a pact to do something that would make memories of their deceased daughter last forever.

The couple landed on tattoos which they got linked on their forearms as a way of remembering the late Adana.

Tv host Willis RABURU (R) and his Wide Marya Prude (L) Photo/Courtesy

Willis and Marya opted for non-matching tattoos,which they shared images of Willis tattoing the latter A with crown on top and Adana’s birth date.

Marya had the name of Adana written on her forearm in large letters.

1-Wanuri to Hollywood

Rafiki filmmaker, Wanuri Kahiu has landed a deal with the Gotham group to direct her first Hollywood movie.

Kenyan Filmaker Wanuri Kahiu. Photo/Courtesy

The Kenyan star whose movie Rafiki was banned in Kenya will be directing a movie adapted from a novel dubbed “The Black Kids” by Christina Hammonds Reed.

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