I’m no prophet, but there are signs that give a clear indication that you are on the verge of being single again.

It took me years of consultation with men who were given a red-card, crushing out of their previous relationship having failed to notice signs of the collapsing relationship.

First things first, finding love is one of the hardest tasks but keeping love ablaze has proved to be even tougher.

If you take her for granted, then you miss out on having this startling woman there forever. PHOTO/COURTESY

When you find love it is advised that you keep her by your side and give her the attention needed, right? But If you take her for granted, then you miss out on having this startling woman there forever.

Here is the stunner! A girl won’t break up with you out of the blues, there must be signs she would display that must ring bell that her heart isn’t with you anymore, but the question is, how do you note such?

  1. She doesn’t want to look stunning for you anymore

If she used to continuously care about how you saw her, she will tend to care no more the perception you might have of her.

  1. More time on her hobbies than your relationship.

Here is another factor that will show you she’s on her way out of the relationship. Naturally, it’s flawlessly okay for people to have lives outside of their affairs. However, with her case, it’s almost as if the relationship doesn’t exist.

She will tend to devote most of her time to her relaxations and her job. It’s a sign that her primacies have moved at this point.

If she has more time for her hobbies than your relationship, you got to be worried. PHOTO/COURTESY
  1. I love you texts and calls halts

When you start missing I Love you text and when you are on calls, then that’s when you know something is mistaken.

This is especially disturbing if she has always had the tradition of allowing her love be known to you earlier.

  1. She stops keeping her cool, starts nagging

At this point your girl begins bringing in negative energy, stops saying beautiful and sweet things, she nags all of the time. Certainly, this is because she’s fed up and she’s exhausted of being in this relationship.

  1. She’s irritated when you are around

When your girls seem to be in bad mood when you are around that’s a red-flag, you notice this When She doesn’t seem to enjoy the time that you devote together anymore. This shows you that she’s not interested anymore!

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