In the wake of COVID_19 , musicians have become a creative lot releasing jams to address the epidemic. The songs have an educative impact to people and have been well received. Here are some of the best combination of Covid-19 jams which have been released since the wake of the virus which have since reigned havoc across the world.

Corona Virus (Kolona)
The song dubbed Kolona was released by DannyP Mboka on March 5th this year. The chorus to the lyrics sing ” Ooh tunalia Sana,kwa sababu ya Corona…ambayo haina tiba (we cry for the virus Corona which has no cure) the song expresses the fear of the virus.

Tujikinge na Corona
This hit by Justina Syokau, has been well received like her former track ‘twendi twendi’ . Recently , Justina disclosed details on how she had a hard time releasing the hit song. She also said that she has been in the music industry for ten years now and only broke into fame recently. In the song, Syokau wants people bro take caution and observe prevention measures.

The song titled ‘Corona’ was released by Rayvanny hours after the first case of Corona Virus was reported in Tanzania. The song has an educative impact , it informs people on how to prevent themselves from the deadly virus. It also provides insights on how people can avoid contracting the disease through proper hygiene as well as avoiding crowded places.

Rayvanny also featured President Magufuli in his song , thus providing a platform for Magufuli to sensitize the public on the deadly virus.

Corona song by Jimmy Gait
After a four -month hiatus in his music career, Jimmy Gait is back with a track ‘Corona’ .In his jam , he narrates the sad woes his friend Akinyi undergoes after being married to a foreigner who later succumbs to the deadly virus. Jimmy Gait also goes ahead to educate people on the signs as well as measures on how to avoid contracting the virus.

Mulembe one meter Away byTimothy Kitui
Kenyan gospel artist could also not be left behind as he released a banger titled Mulembe one meter away which translates to “greetings one meter away”. This is is in support of Kenyans to avoid handshake greetings and to stay far from each other. Kitui teamed up with Ben Mukabwa to effectively combine the luhya traditional isikuti as well as it beats. The song majored on increasing government efforts in fighting the novel Coronavirus spread.

Ugandan Mp and artist Bobi wine also made to the charts with a creative art featuring Nubian Li in a song “Coronavirus alert” where the two expound on the signs and symptoms of the deadly virus.

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