Musician Kevin Kioko alias Bahati has called on his fans to drop the gospel tag that they have always associated with him.

Bahati who recently dropped a new album titled ‘Love Like This’ insists the is an entertainer and not a gospel artiste, but his hunger for God remains intact.

“Call me an entertainer. Don’t call me a Gospel artiste because that term has been misused, but I am so real with God. I am spiritual. I am deeply connected with God than most of the Gospel artistes,” Bahati said in a TV interview.

Bahati hit out at artists in the gospel industry labelling them scandalous and hypocritical.

Bahati noted that most secular musicians are closer to God than many gospel artists.
Bahati has claimed that most gospel artistes are hypocritical and scandalous. PHOTO/COURTESY

“When I was in the Gospel industry, I had scandals because they were created. People fought me in the Gospel industry. Nowadays, I don’t have scandals,” claimed the 27-year-old.

Bahati’s name has been on the lips of Kenyans after a photo of him smoking emerged, the controversial photo having been taken from the shoot of one of his new songs Fikra za Bahati.

But he says that was just a song he used to express himself.

“It’s upon the fans to decide. It is just the new Bahati. I was just expressing myself,” he said in an interview with TV47’s Tony Mwirigi.

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