In our country today we have so many stories of hit and ran and most people are always left for dead.

This is a new and rare story of an accident that happened in the streeets of Nairobi that involved a reknowned secular artiste.

The Baby love hit maker, Otile Brown has come clean to accept and acknowledge that he met an accident on wednesday last week and his ar hit a motor bike that was carrying two passengers and the driver.

The two passengers got minor injuries and were released out of the hospital immediately after being checked by doctors but for the driver it was a different case.

The driver had to stay in the hospital for sometime because of his injuries and the owner of just in love muaic has been keeping tabs with his family to know how is health is doing.

With the help of his management team, the Wembe hit maker managed to pay the bills at the hospital and even baught him a brand new motor bike to continue earning a living after the ordeal.

Taking to his gram page, Otile thanked all his fans and friends who have stood by him during this trying times.

We wish the driver a quick recovery as he gets back on his feet to earn a living.

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