Gospel musician Ringtone Apoko has taken controversial musician Chris Embarambamba head-on after an explicit video of his performance at a Nairobi club leaked.

Ringtone who is not new to controversy himself, claims Embarambamba is not a gospel artist but an entrepreneur who has raided the capital to make a killing.

“Embarambamba has never been a gospel artiste. Embarambamba has never gotten saved, Embarambamba has never accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Embarambamba is a businessman,” Ringtone said in a video.

The Tenda Wema hitmaker adds:

Ringtone Net Worth, Cars, Controversies And Houses - whownskenya
Ringtone is not new to controversy himself, in May 2018 he tried to woe Zari Hassan with a brand new range rover. PHOTO/COURTESY

“He has come from Kisii as a dancer of one (Henry) Sagero, the biggest secular artist of the Kisii. Embarambamba ran away and came to start doing madness.”

Ringtone went further to tear into his tribesman.

“I have confirmed and I have also been told from Kisii that his grandmother was a witch. So Embarambamba loved his grandmother and when she died, he cried so much,” he said in a video recording while seated in a car.

Gosep musician Chris Embarambamba jumps on the back of a cow during one of his video shoots. PHOTO/COURTESY

As if that is not enough he adds:

“So Embarambamba carried his grandma’s behaviour that she used to teach him of how witchcraft is done; of climbing on trees and roofs. Embarambamba thought it is talent. He came and started doing in God’s songs.”

Here is the link to the video courtesy of Kisii Hot TV.

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