Tanzanian songbird Nandy has set tongues wagging after declaring that she will be dropping a gospel mini-album this year, as opposed to her already liked secular brand of music.

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Nandy is an established Tanzanian secular artiste. PHOTO/COURTESY

In an exclusive interview with Rangers Entertainment, Nandy whose real name is Faustina Charles Mfinaga expressed her love for Gospel music, revealing that it was long overdue.

“Nafanya kile kitu ambacho kinanisukuma kwenye moyo wangu ndo maana nikasema this year nitadrop EP (mini-album) ambayo pia itakuwa ni ya Gospel. Kwa sababu napenda nyimbo za gospel na kikiimba nyimbo za gospel I feel different I think so,” she told Sultan of Rangers Entertainment.

Nandy (L) speaking to Sultan of Rangers Entertainment. PHOTO/RANGERS

The African Princess also laid bare her plans for the future in which she has opened a record label that is set to sign various artistes.

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Nandy, African Princess. PHOTO/COURTESY

However according to Nandy, the label will only be open to gospel artistes as hopes for secular artistes who hoped to join the Nandy family slowly fade away.

The 27-year old songstress was however, coy if the move was an indicator of a calculated ditch to secular music.

Nandy was noncommittal on whether her Gospel journey was just starting. PHOTO/RANGERS

“Itakuwa label but nilisema itakuwa label kwa watu wa gospel.  Japo sijui kama naweza kuhamia kwenye gospel,” she opined.

Nandy was in Nairobi for an event at Uhuru Gardens on Saturday.

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Nandy was in Nairobi for an event at Uhuru Gardens on Saturday. PHOTO/COURTESY

You can watch the full interview here:


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