With every well thought tackle, every creative pass and outstanding goal. It’s no surprise that footballers are prone to spells of flashiness when it comes to their personal style.

And today we are taking a quick look on three most outstanding and creative hairstyles ever graced by a footballer.

3-Giroud’s Suave Style

The French international forward Olivier Giroud is much known for his goal finishing and towering header.

Chelsea’s forward Olivia Giroud. Photo/Courtesy

However, his tight spill and layered side swing on his hair may need a petite work to be flawless, but when the finish looks as good as this, it is totally worth it.

The 33-year-old forward currently charges for English side Chelsea.

2-Hector Bellerin’s Long Man Bun

On the arena, we’ve noticed Arsenal player Hector Bellerin trying most hairstyles from Cornrows braids, a half-up bun and his hair has gotten lengthier a full Man Bun.

Arsenal’s defender Hector Bellarin. Photo/Courtesy

Hector really is at the top of his hair game right now.

1-Paul Pogba’s Colourful Fade

Manchester United Midfield ace Paul Pogba. Photo/courtesy

If there is one a player most fans are excited to see on the pitch, it’s Pogba. The Frenchman never shies away from a head-turning hair opportunity.

From a leopard print design to a rather low-key (in his world) Batman symbol shaved into the side of his head, we almost want to do a sweep-stake on what he will possibly debut next!

Manchester United Midfield ace Paul Pogba. Photo/courtesy

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