In a song that was anticipated many after it was posted online, finally the “mtoto wa mama” has collaborated the king of gengetone Boondocks Gang in a sensational song titled Taniua(you will kill me).

In a four gentleman video, it is so exceptional contrary to the norm we used of seeing girls twerking half naked in Gang’s song, this is cool, organized and neat as a church boy would behave.
After watching the song, this is a different Gang that we used of singing vulgar language, in this song, the all, X ray, Odi Wa Murang’a and Maddox are seen repenting of their deeds that will kill them later, taniu.

And as per the saying “Mungu ni wa sisi sote”, Odi is in his lyrics craving for the Holy Maria to have mercy and unmerited favour on them, ‘Kuna craving ya neno la Bwana, Bikira Maria tupe rehema(We have an urge and need for word of Lord, Holy Mary gives us favour).
In what was not expected by many, X Ray, the most vulgar of all is in church kneeling down to the priest explaining to him how life on the other side is hard and its so judgemental because of what they sing.
“Young priest nasikia unaitwa baha, ju si ni wazimu nasikiaga hakunaga baha, ju ka ni gene zimeshika mara kadhaa…….”.
In a video shoot in a church setting,at All Saints in Limuru with Bahati being the priest and the other three members being congregation, the director of the song played with shots to give out the best image or message of the division of the secular and gospel musicians.
Bahati on his part, perfected in his part by clearing elaborating what it to be a christian, so challenges, temptation and so much judgement, and as the song our deeds will haunt us ‘taniua’.

This will be the fourth secular group Bahati has released songs with starting from Kuchukuchu featuring Wyre and King Kaka, Futa alongside Mbosso, Bora Nife featuring Aslay and now the Boondocks gang.
Secular artist have been in recent releasing gospel songs to express their relationship with their creator, despite their line of music. Nadia Mukami is the recent with his Maombi, Bensoul with Niombee as well as El Shaddai from H_art the Band.

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