Churchill Show comedienne Stella Bunei alias Jemutai has apologized to her fans after reports indicated she wanted to sell her Facebook page that has close to a million followers.
Jemutai put up her page for sale after falling short on means to cater for her children among other bills.
“Hey good people, I have received a lot of calls from guys wanting to know if this is true. Yes it is. It was a desperate move, I really wanted to pay my bills. As a mother I would do anything for my kids,” Jemutai wrote on her Facebook page.

A screenshot of Jemutai’s message to blogger Edgar Obare putting up her Facebook Page for sale.

According to Jemutai, who opened up on her struggles to blogger Edgar Obare, she was left to fend for her children by herself after her alleged baby daddy Professor Hamo, a fellow comedian, bolted out of their lives.The move bruised her fans differently both others picking issues with her trying for not valuing her fans while others provided a way out.

“Those who you who felt offended ati wanauzwa poleni sana. I have received a lot of phone calls from the people I know and the people I don’t know Personally thank you so much for your encouragements,” reads the remorse on Facebook.

A screenshot of Facebook post by comedienne Jemutai where she issued apology for putting up her account for sale.

Several fans have come to her rescue led by Bonfire Adventures Managing Director Sarah Kabu who has advised her against the move.

Mrs. Kabu instead advised her look for mentor in the influence industry as well as a public relations firm that could manage her seek deals and endorsement.

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