Radio personality Njambi Koikai alias Jahmby has taken to social media to condemn reports by an online blog that she attempted to commit suicide.

In a post on Facebook, Jahmby condemned the publication and dismissed the claims noting that she was at home having a wonderful time with her mother.

“Please give me a break. I’m living my life, working, minding my own business, rebuilding my life and always grateful to God for another chance at life. This is horrible but watch what God is going to do in my life. To the writer, may God embarrass your wickedness,” wrote the presenter who recently made a radio comeback after a six-year absence.

She added:

“I’m just having a beautiful evening with my mom and someone somewhere is writing such horrible stories.”

“This is very wrong. Whoever it is writing these stories, please be cautious and engage wisdom in what you’re doing.”

After a long battle with Endometriosis, Jahmby made a come back to media world in March and currently hosts Trace Na Doba show on Trace Radio which runs every Wednesday and Thursday.

She has received messages of encouragement with majority of her followers rebuking the claims.

“These people of negativity are all over they are full of hatred and very jealous very bitter to see others progress.Ignore them move on pray and believe in the One who gave you the second chance of life God The Almighty,” one Facebook user identified as Alex Muthoni said.

“Welcome to Kenya where the things you hear people say you did will make you wander if your body left you went and did something and then innocently came back without your knowledge,” another one by the name Simon Biashara added.


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