The Director of Public Prosecution DPP Nordin Haji has reiterated that it is the role of every individuals, and respective bodies to fight corruption without laying blames on each other.

The office is calling for leveled up contribution and efforts from crucial stakeholders among them the Judiciary to ensure all court orders are put into use with the aim of protection of public funds from embezzlers.

Nordin Haji who was speaking at the press conference in Nairobi today in a meeting convened with delegates from the European Union, noted that his office is concentrated in putting together efforts in fighting corrupt individuals, at the same time urging Kenyans to allow the Judiciary do its parts with compromises basing on where the suspect comes from.
“We have committed ourselves to ensure that convictions are brought this year….and I dont want people to be disappointed when we get conviction at the magistrate level, and people rush to the less level to appeal to High Court and then the Court of Appeal and the narrative will change………”

DPP Haji at the centre, with delegates from the EU, in a Conference in Nairobi.

Simon Mordue, the head of the delegates from EU, insisted on collaborating with the prosecuting agencies to ensure transparency in dealing with national crimes. “We stand hand in hand with DPP and his staff, judiciary authority of Kenya so as to ensure progress is made.”

Simon Mordue ( centre ) head of EU delegates with other colleagues

And on the part of blame games that has been going around about the judiciary being a stumbling block in getting of justice in theft of public funds, DPP Haji urged everyone to be responsible ,”am cautioning Kenyans, am confident we will get the convictions but once the key process kicks in, the blame should not be shifted in to ODPP, investigators or any other person.”

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