The body of a man reported missing after a boat capsized on Friday night at Tudor Creek in Mombasa County was recovered on Sunday morning.

Residents found Samuel Tsui’s body near the shores, following a search that began shortly after the accident which nine people survived; at Ganaola in Jomvu Sub-county.

Image result for tudor creek
A photo of Tudor Creek in Mombasa where the accident occurred. PHOTO/COURTESY

Jomvu deputy police commander Jashon Polloh said police were alerted as soon as the body was found at about 8am.

According to Nation, the body was taken to a nearby morgue.

The passengers were travelling from Mombasa to Maunguja Voroni in Kilifi County, when the incident occurred due to rough tides.

Image result for tides in mombasa
It is often rough for passengers from Mombasa to Maunguja due to the rough tides. PHOTO/COURTESY

On Saturday, police in Mombasa collected a man’s body from the shores near the fish market in Old Town, as authorities said the person likely drowned at a different location.

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