A man killed his wife after she demanded a HIV test before getting intimate in Mbarika, Mwanza, Tanzania.

The quinquagenarian had been away from home for over a year, the wife in her early forties, unsure of her husband’s movements during the period hence the suggestion.

According Mwanza Regional Police Commander, Jumanne Murilo, Laurent Herman reached for a heavy object and struck, Anastacia Zacharia, in the head, killing her on the spot at 10:30pm.

“The woman had demanded that she and her husband take HIV tests before they could have sexual intercourse.

Mwanza Regional Police Commander Jumanne Murilo. PHOTO/COURTESY

“She suspected that her spouse could be an HIV carrier, given he had spent many months away from home, and she wasn’t sure if he was practicing safe sex where he was.

“Laurent was angered by his wife’s proposal and, as a result, reached for a heavy object and fatally hit her in the head,” Murilo told journalists.

After committing the felony, the suspect swallowed poison and passed on at the Mbarika Health Centre, where he had been taken to by neighbours.

Bodies of the couple were taken to Mbarika Health Centre morgue, where they are preserved as respective families plan their burial.

Their bodies lie at the Mbarika Centre morgue. PHOTO/COURTESY

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