City lawyer Cliff Ombeta has defended embattled Embakasi East legislator over his shooting incident that had him arrested on Friday morning.

Ombeta who is representing Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino says the lawmaker was provoked leading to the shooting at Nairobi’s B club.

“He was approached in a non-friendly manner by someone he considered a friend and physical fight ensued,” Ombeta told reporters on Friday.

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City Lawyer Cliff Ombeta during a past media address. The lawyer is representing Babu Owino following the MP’s shooting incident. PHOTO/COURTESY

Ombeta also revealed that Babu had filed a complaint at the Parliament Police Station on November 17, 2019 claiming that his life was in danger stating that his client had for long been tracked by unknown persons.

“That thing has been hanging over his head. This (Friday) morning, a person who he eventually realized was his friend, somehow approached him in a way that was unexpected and Babu reacted. I cannot say anything beyond that….eventually somebody was shot,” the city lawyer said.

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Babu Owino at the Parliament Media Centre. The MP’s lawyer says his client had for long been tracked by unkwown persons making him file a complain at the Parliament Police Station. PHOTO/COURTESY

Ombeta says MP did not intend to commit an offense arguing that since he had been apprehensive about his life, urging his client’s supporters to keep calm and avoid any protests.

“It is Babu who took the victim to hospital and the latest is that the DJ is stable. He even paid for the medical bill and has vowed to continue paying. It (the shooting) is something that is regrettable but needs to be investigated further,” Ombeta said.

DJ Evolve in a file photo. He was shot this morning at a night club in Nairobi by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. PHOTO/COURTESY

Investigations are ongoing to determine what exactly transpired at the club, with the victim, the Club’s Disk Jockey admitted at Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit after the bullet that was fired right into his neck.

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