Inspector General of Police Henry Mutyambai has ordered investigation into corruption and harassment allegations voiced by a female police officer in a video that went viral on Saturday, May 8th .

In the video seen by Kenyan Breaking KE, the police officer said that she had written numerous resignation letters but they were yet to reach the IG.

She said that she was ready to resign without pay as she believes she was meant to succeed elsewhere.

The officer cited frustrations and harassment at her place of work and admitted that such has led to death of fellow colleagues who commuted suicide which she said was not part of her way out as she intends to go away peacefully.

“I just want a chance to resign peacefully. I have attached several letters meant for the IG but they never get to him. That is why police officers get frustrated to a point of committing suicide or killing themselves, something I cannot do,” she said.

The viral video reached the desk of IG who has since ordered investigation into the matter to a certain the allegations levied of Internal Affairs department which the officer said they are corrupt and solve no cases.

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