A corruption system is seriously taking toll on the Kenyan citizenry as many succumb to sudden deaths that might as well incriminate certain government chiefs.
From road carnage, Likoni ferry tragedies, Al-Shabab attacks and building crumbles in densely populated estates in the country’s capital.
Corruption is directly attributed to the collapse of many buildings in the country, as many developers get nods to put up structures way below the required safety standards.
The vice led to the death of eight pupils at Precious Talent Academy, leaving others with serious injuries, paralysis among them as government reacted in its usually way- condemning the tragedy and revoking the school’s licence. One would ask, what is this condemning?
The system has also given birth to hard economic times forcing tenants to rent this houses without taking into consideration of their lives, just for purposes of affordability.
Architectural experts have warned against the rising practice of hiring quacks o put up such crucial structures as developers pursue cheap labour.
And, as the heavy torrents continue pounding the nation and the soils sock, the foundations of most buildings are bound to be put to test, but just how long will the system literally eat Kenyans?
Mind you, the owner of the ill-fated Tassia building is yet to be made public.

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