A major land dispute is arising in Kwale county after a conflict has risen between residents of Kilibasi Kinango sub county and a private sector following a claim that the land has been sold to him b the government.

Families decry of land grab in Kilibasi. For decades the government has denied them title deeds. Now a private investor has grabbed the land. PHOTO/COURTESY

More than 1000 families are likely to be evicted from their 37 000 hectares land of Mwabeja ranch as the investor has started demarcating the land, a land that was being used by locals for the purpose of livestock keeping.
Airing their grievances, the residents some who are farmers and other pastorate said, the investor invaded their land three days ago claiming that he had gotten title deed from the seniors. “We are more than 1000 families and where we have been given land to settle is not enough. When you inquire them, they tell you go and ask your leaders, they know everything.”

Land on disputes. More than 900 families living in this ranch though they have not been given title deeds.

The resident says some of them have been born there and from then they have not received any validation document, a situation that sends them to nothing but mercy of the haves. “If we are really Kenyans, why don’t they give title deeds even if it is just for two hectares……If the government really care us, why not come out and talk to us, we are also human beings. Not just sitting there passing the BBI projects and nothing is assisting us Kenyans.”
Led by the county governor Salim Mvurya, leaders of the area have vowed to fight for the rights of their people at them same time urging them to join hands in fighting the land grabbers.
“Am not happy and wont accept my people to suffer but you as Wananchi, you have to accept to walk together.”

Kwale county governor Salim Mvurya during previous press conference. He has vowed to fight for the residents of Kilibasi.

Mvurya has ordered officers from the county to get vital information concerning the dispute and conflicts so as to take next action.

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