The Directorate of Criminal Investigation DCI has interrogated 10 witness that are believed to help in unleashing the cause and culprits behind the death of sergeant Kipyegon Kenei.
Kenei, an administration police working at the deputy president house, Harambee Annex was found dead last week on Thursday , a day after he was supposed to record a statement at he

DCI following the scandals involving the tender of fire arms worth sh. 39 billions.
On Friday last week, detectives took tools at the home of sergeant Kenei in Imara Daima as well as interrogating yesterday a caretaker of Villa Franca estate and servant at the home that the murder occurred.
Sergeant Kenei was on duty on the day the deal was done, when Ex CS Rashid Echesa and his investors visited the annex.

In a note that was believed to have been written by Kenei before his death, alleges that he knew he was going to die so soon because of what he knows about the scandal.
The deceased was the only officer on duty out of the five who had not been questioned by DCI after Echesa was arrested concerning the firearm scandal.

A report from the DP communication department indicates that , Mr Kenei did not appear on work the same day on Wednesday as he was expected to write a statement at the detective headquarters.
Despite DCI saying the AP left a suicide note behind, which the family denies, a postmorten is expected to be done today to unleash the truth.
DP William Ruto and the military department have distanced themselves from the allegation as investigation deepens.

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