Two brothers from Elukhongo village in Butula, Busia county are in custody following the death of their elder brother.

Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives arrested Pascaliano Odhiambo, 29, and Bonventure Ouma ,19, after a family row turned fatal leading to the death of their the 32-year-old brother identified by a single name, Juma.

The DCI reports that the suspects were responding to a distress call from their mother who was being assaulted by the deceased who had returned home at 8pm in a drunken stupor and demanded for food.

“When she responded that food was not ready, the 32-year-old son descended on her with blows and kicks leaving her wailing in despair, for dear life…They gave him a dog’s beating before they retired to bed,” the DCI said in a tweet.

The DCI adds that:

“Early today morning at around 6am,the mother woke up and walked towards Juma’s house to check on him, despite having been assaulted by him the previous night. She was however shocked to find him lying dead on the doorstep of his house, with a deep cut inflicted on his head, slightly above the left ear.”

The suspects are being held at Bumala Police Station awaiting court arraignment.

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