A bodaboda rider was early Wednesday gunned down by a Kenya Navy soldier in Mtongwe, Mombasa under unclear circumstances.

According to the Likoni Sub-County Police Commander Jane Munyoki, the deceased, 19, was allegedly shot outside the Kenya Navy staff quarters for trespass.

However, according to his fellow riders, Leonard Komora had gone to pick a customer at officer’s residence when he met his death.

“The only customers that we usually pick are the soldiers themselves, but we usually suffer at the hands of these people,” laments Ali Khamis, one of the riders who knew the deceased.

Komora’s mother was blocked from viewing her only son’s body as she was kept hundreds of metres away from the scene.

“This is unfair. They have killed my son for no good reason. He was my only son. He was the one providing for me,” wailed a helpless Martha Njeri Munene.

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