Irate, disappointed and angry netizens are up in arms after yet again losing ridiculous amounts of money to an online pyramid scheme Amazon Web Worker (AWW), that was deleted from Play Store without any explanation.

At the time the App went down on Saturday, May 15, 2021, hundreds of Kenyans who had set up accounts and even referred their families and friends to join with the promise of making money online, had lump sums in the system which they could not access.

A screen graph of Amazon Web Worker account showing how much a user has earned

A closer study on the AWW indicates that the App is not affiliated with the international retailer Amazon owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos which lists all its affiliates on its website and the apps are created by Amazon Mobile LLC.
One user went to Facebook to vent his frustration and regrets having referred his family members to join in the hopes of making quick money.

“I put in Ksh50,000 and I had registered all the family members including my parents who are now on my neck on where their money went,” a Facebook user lamented.


This wis not the first time Kenyans have fallen prey to online quick money making schemes, the same was witnessed when Public Likes scheme went down.

Public Likes, came as a website on which users earned by merely clicking on ‘adverts’.

The scheme lured the attention of new investors by offering them short-term returns that are abnormally high making unsuspecting individuals to go all in full force.

Public Likes was not only a Ponzi Scheme, it was also part of an intricate online fraud that saw advertisers lose close to 2 trillion shillings annually in advertising revenues.

A screen grab of previous scam, public likes user account

Prior to it’s closure, Public Likes, through communication to its users, insisted that they had not closed down.

Instead, they assured their users that they their was a temporarily stoppage of inward and outward transactions which was to be restored after a few changes to the site.

Many pyramid schemes remain calculating as they make out a few payments to early entrants and the number of participants grow, they make killings from new entrants who are urged to subscribe on various packages with and aim of making much more thorough referrals.

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