Governor Partrick Khaemba of Trans Nzoia county could be the next on spot over eviction out of the office, following plans to table an impeachment motion against him by his assemblies.
Members of County Assembly have vowed to table a motion to throw him out of the office after reports has emerged of increased cases of embezzlement of public funds and abuse of office.

County Assembly of Trans Nzoia County. MCAs have vowed to impeach governor Khaemba. This is the second time the motion is tabled in the assembly.

Championing the motion, the MCA of Motosiet Alliangana Benard Muganda says the motion is to be table next week with the main reasons being the governor failing to implement the projects he started among them hospitals and road.
The legislators also says poor leadership has caused retardation of referral hospitals and modern roads in main areas among them Kitale.
“So Mr Khaemba we have enough evidence to sent you home like Waititu, we will not beg you. If you see some of us your supporters denying you, know you are in hot soup”.

Mwanga says for a long time, he has been trying to hide the defects of governor with hope of him changing but for a long time he has not.
This will be the second time a motion is to be table in County Assembly to impeach after the first one that was championed by Hospital ward MCA Wafula Eric failed to go through.

Speaking alongside Muganda, MCA Wafula said residents of trans Nzoia have suffered enough. “Trans Nzoia Citizens have suffered enough and this time governor, be read to go home”.
Eric says he has polished the impeachment papers and will cooperate with Mr Bernard to fine tune it. “……last time I told you about your impeachment, you talk it as a joke, am going only to fine tune with assistance of Mr Muganda, be ready to go home”.

Governor Khaemba will not be the only governor whose members of county assembly are planning to impeach, as MCAs of Kiambu already impeached their then leader Ferdinand Waititu, with the Nairobi City governor Mike Sonko being the next on line.

In Taita Taveta, also Members of county assembly tried to table a motion to impeach their governor Hr Granton Samboja before an equilibrium was arrived at among them.
Other governors facing charges includes Sambura head of county government Moses Lenolkul who has been barred from operating in the public office of the county just like his counterpart of the City Mbuvi Sonko.

Heads of county government have of recent been in spot for stealing public funds and using their offices to award tenders to close relatives or even themselves. At the same time the Ethics and Anti Corruption (EACC), Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) are on the look to arrest and prosecute this culprits subtotaling the economy.
Video Courtesy of NTV

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