A man accused of murdering his 35 year old brother in Kisii county after ambushing h making love to their mother will spend two weeks in custody pending further investigation.

Brian Omuko, 30 while appearing before the Senior Resident Magistrate Cynthia Makila pleaded guilty of the charges but said he did not intend to kill him.

In what is yet to come to terms with residence of Kegati in Kisii county and many of us at a large, a man was caught red handed having conjugal rights with his biological mother, an act that has sparked attention, that others term it as an indication of the end times.

Elders from the Abagusii community showed their disgust on the issue asking themselves questions how a son could go to an extend of having sexual affairs with his mother.

In a joint consensus the elders say, we are living in a confused up generation where youths have degraded their moralities to an extent of not respecting anyone including their parents.

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