More than 200 business men from the North Eastern counties today met at the center, Garissa county to receive a speech mentor session on how to establish and manage their small scale business.

Kenya Industrial Property Institute, the institution that championed the program targeted people from Wajir , Mandera and Garissa, using the latest technology to enlighten residents on how they can surface through at this hard economic times.
Speaking to press at the conference, the director of KIPI John Onyango highlighted that the program is arranged in a way that will as well help in fulfilling the big four agenda of the government.
“The sectors we have represented here are all covering the big four agendas”.
The training that has so far being to all regions in the country covers areas of manufacturing, health and aggro-processing.

Mr Onyango says after the training, they will be able to access and grant them the rights to go on with their business so as to avoid the incidents of falling in copyright issues.
Areas that have already been covered since last year includes Coast province, Western, Nyanza, North and South Rift in Rift Valley and now they are on the last lapse.
Courtesy of CItizen Tv

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