After Jalang’o TV aired their interview on July 12th 2021 in the Bonga Na Jalas segment, the world got to know more about Eli and Morrison with Sokonoma Bid paying more attention to the duo. The duo impressed the audience with their funny stories and dreams that they continue to work hard on to achieve.

Sokonoma Bids, is an auction platform trading under auction number 006352 that started its operations last year. The Sokonoma Bid platform allows users to bid for different products like Motorbikes, Televisions, Smart Phones, Bluetooth speakers, Party Combos which include alcoholic beverages and branded hoodies, gaming consoles like Xbox, kitchen electronics like airfryers, cars, and other items including cash for as little as Ksh. 20.

Users can access the platform by sending the word ‘Bid’ to 23223 to get the items available for bidding or by accessing their website on

Eli and Morrison are excited to take on this new path, they say. PHOTO/COURTESY

Allowing people from different parts of the country to Nyakua Nyakua na Mbao, Sokonoma Bids officially signed Eli and Morrison as their brand ambassadors on 15th August 2021. Eli who hails from Bungoma and Morrison from Musoli, Kenya will have this as their first official gig working alongside a big brand.

After talking to Eli and Morrison, they stated that they are excited to take on this new path but maintained that they will do so while maintaining their jobs as ground managers for Jalang’o who has played a significant role in giving them a platform for their talent to be discovered.

We wish them the very best as their lives continue transforming.

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